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Luna fights for girls and for normalising periods.

At Luna, we're pretty over the lack of support and education available to girls on periods. 

We don't like period euphemisms (except Shark Week because it's fun), and we don't like negativity or anything that promotes an unattainable ideal of female beauty. 

All girls are unique and deserve to be presented by businesses that have their best interests (and needs) at heart.

Managing your period shouldn't be a hassle. Finding reliable, factual information on periods such as how to prepare for your first period and first periods signs should be easy! Right?!

Luna is proud to be at the forefront of period education. We want to ensure all girls have positive first period experiences. We strongly believe all girls deserve this. 

We also believe girls should be empowered by their femininity not ashamed of it.

We're here to normalise periods...because erm news flash they are normal (in case you didn't get the memo).

We want to create a supportive community of openness and empathy to support, encourage and cheer on the girl bosses of the future.

Luna is a platform to educate girls and to create a community of non-judgment and of acceptance. Luna is a reseller of feminine hygiene, meaning we sell a variety of different brands in our period packs.


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