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Period packs for NZ teens

Babe, we got ya. No matter what phase you're in, we'll get you sorted with the perfect period package subscription for your cycle.

Let’s break down our online period packs for tweens and teens: New MoonPhase 1Phase 2 and Phase 3.

Follow our chart to find the period pack for you, and never get caught out by Shark Week again. Boom!

Everything you need to know about Luna’s NZ period package subscription

Get tampons (applicators and standard), pads (daytime and night-time) and liners delivered straight to your door? Damn that sounds good, right?!

When you first start your period, your cycle can be a bit irregular, like all over the place, that’s totally normal because your body is just getting used to this new experience. Sometimes your period can start at the most inconvenient time, like in the middle of the night when shops are closed – I mean come on!

We know how much it sucks when your period surprises you and there isn’t a single tampon to be found for love or money. So, what’s a girl to do? Toilet paper? Nah...sign up for a period pack subscription delivery.

That’s why Luna’s made it our job to make perioding super easy for you. We can’t make period cramps go away, bummer yeah, but we can ensure you get a handy stash delivered every month - and oh did we mention our packs come with chocolates? If ever there’s an excuse to eat chocolate, it's during Shark Week.

 All you have to do is find the best pack for you and ya flow and pick a date you want your package delivered. And a period pad package will magically arrive on your doorstep,
wherever you are in NZ. Too easy. 


So many options!

Our period packs for teens online

Period packs for New Mooners

This pack is perfect for girls who haven’t started their periods yet. The New Moon kit has a little bit of everything – tampons, daytime pads, liners – to get ya acquainted real well with all the products you’ll need when you start your first period.

It can be a bit daunting when you start thinking about your first period and the different products available to use, but that’s why you’re gonna make your first period super fun with your own special first period kit.

Our New Moon pack will give you the right tools to prepare you for your first period – and read our epic period blog too for more info. Oh...and babe – you got this!

Phase 1 – Pads Only

This is the ideal period pad package for girls who’ve have just started their period and don’t want to use tampons. Every month, a super cute package with chocolates and other treats will arrive in your mailbox filled with all the goodies you need!

Phase 2 – Pads and Applicator Tampons

Once you’ve got the hang of Shark Week, you might wanna start using tampons, because they’re so convenient, especially if you’re playing sport. Luna recommends you start with applicator tampons because they’re easier to insert. Honestly, managing your period is about to get a whole lot easier #tampons 

Phase 3 – Pads and Tampons

There are heaps of benefits to using normal “standard tampons”, they’re cheaper, they’re easier to carry, they’re better for the environment. This is because most manufacturers use single-use plastic in their applicators. This period pack comes with night-time pads and liners. Liners are super useful when your flow is light at the start and end of your period. Stick with us babe, we’ve got ya covered.

Questions? You can ask us anything!
Found the perfect period pack online, but still have a few questions? No worries, there’s a lot to remember. There’s heaps of info on our epic period blog! Also check out our FAQs or email us. We love mail!