Terms and Conditions

Okay Lunatics, here are some boring Ts&Cs.

Our prices change according to the price we can buy product at. We reserve the right to update our prices accordingly. We want to give our Lunatics as much as we can, so when prices drop, we will automatically give existing customers additional product and favours. 

Subscriptions (subs) can be cancelled at anytime within a billing cycle. We don’t have any draconian contracts that trick ya into anything (we love you).

Once your card has been charged, you will receive a confirmation email and your pack. If you cancel a sub after you’ve been billed, you will still receive a final pack! But please don’t cancel (this makes us sad). Please get in touch before cancelling.

Luna is a reseller, we sell other companies products, which we itemise for each pack. We don't take responsibility for the materials used in the products of our suppliers, but we do take responsibility for the condition they arrive in. So, let us know if you have any problems.  

We advise all tampon users to carefully read the safety information included in each pack to ensure they understand the risks of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

We reserve the rights to all Luna digital assets and branding. 

Phewww, now that’s done – let’s have some fun xx.