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Info for mums

Teens today have instant information at their finger-tips. But they're still kids who need guidance. 

Girls seem so much more confident and in tune with their bodies than girls from previous generations. Little ladies today have constant access to endless volumes of information, and the ability to seamlessly and continuously communicate with their friends via various platforms. 

But this can lead to the false conclusion that they have everything under control. But when it comes to periods, a lot of girls are unprepared.  

These are some common pain points.


pain point 01

Lack of choice and control

Girls today have fairly independent and autonomous lives.

Yet, when it comes to periods, they have little or no control over the experience.

By giving girls the ability to purchase products online, that are delivered to their homes, this gives them a sense of control over the experience. 

Not having to nag parents to buy products or make awkward dairy runs, hands them the reigns and helps them navigate this new experience with a sense of ownership.  

pain point 02

Lack of age relevant information

While kids today are digitally savvy, there's an enormous amount of misinformation online.

There is no central repository girls can go to that has accurate and factual information about periods. 

Why do girls get their periods? How does it work? What is PMS? Is this normal? How do you insert a tampon?

Not having easily accessible and reliable information at hand, just means girls believe what they hear - and this is how myths start.


pain point 03

Lack of preparation

There are many things about periods that are obvious to adults.

But we forget what it’s like to be a kid getting your period for the first time.

It's more blood than you expected, and the products were a bit intimidating.

Encouraging kids to experiment before they start will help familiarise them with the products, so they'll be prepared.

This is what the First Moon pack is all about. Getting girls involved!

By "water testing" the tampons and pads and pulling them apart, girls can demystify the products and see there's nothing to be anxious about. 


pain point 04

Lack of empowerment

I want all girls to grow up to be girl bosses. 

It’s a different world to the world you grew up in.

But yet the way we talk about periods is still rooted in the dark ages.

Why are girls ashamed of periods? Why is there so much misinformation? 

What’s with ads showing skinny blonde girls running down the street in white jeans? No one ever wears white jeans when you have your period.

I want to change the conversation and turn it into a positive for good. I want to empower girls to feel in control of their periods. 

Luna #girlboss
Tips for dads

What’s there to say? Your little girl is growing up.

I know it feels like moments ago you were building sand castles together, but time waits for no man – or girl.

You want to support your little girl, but what the hell do you do? Say or don’t say? There's no one right answer. Every girl is different. Every dad is different. I think talking about it openly and honestly is a good first step.

Like most things in life, just showing up is half the battle.

Here are my top 10 dad tips:


tip 01

No dad jokes – seriously, don't make it awkward. 

tip 02

Don’t pass the buck – man up and talk about periods.


tip 03

Try not to seem embarrassed – kids are like horses, they sense fear.

tip 04

Put yourself in her shoes – empathy is a fantastic quality in anyone, sprinkle that stuff like glitter.



tip 05

PMS is real. Honest – and it's ugly at times. Buy ice cream, say it will be okay. 

tip 06

Make time – Make your little lady feel important, give her your attention. 

tip 07

You’re already her hero – we know you’re a good guy. Just remind her you're here for her (and her moods swings).

tip 08

It’s a loss of innocence – getting your period is a loss of innocence, your girl is becoming a women. For me, this was a bit to process. 

Product types

tip 09

Tampons & Pads – basically all you need to know, is that there are two types of each with different absorbency levels. Tampons come in applicators and standards. Pads come in daytime and night-time – done, simple huh!?   

tip 10

Things have changed – hopefully you’ve noticed things have changed since you were a kid. Periods are no longer as taboo as they used to be. Talk about that, and how women are being empowered to be all they can.


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