New Moon 


The perfect first period starter kit.

The idea behind this pack is to firstly have a bit of fun, and secondly to become familiar with the different types of products available.

It’s important to feel prepared and comfortable before you start, so you feel in control of the experience. 

In your New Moon pack, you'll get standard and applicator tampons. A lot of girls prefer using applicator tampons in the beginning because they're easier to insert.  

You’ll also find daytime and night-time pads. As well as liners, ideal for the  start and the end of your period when your flow's light. 

We've put together some fun experiments for ya, who doesn't want to dunk tampons in water? 

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Dunk a tampon!

The aim of this experiment is to see how tampons expand when they come into contact with liquid. 

This experiment is a good visual aid to see how tampons work. The amount of water we'll use in this test is not equal to the amount of blood you lose during your period, which is only about four tablespoons. 

Okay, let’s get started. For this experiment, we'll use the standard tampons in your pack. These are the shorter tampons in the film wrappers. You have three different sizes; mini, regular and super.

The different sizes are used at different times during your period, the reason is because your flow (the amount of blood that leaves you body) differs from day to day. The mini ones you use at the beginning of your period when your flow is light, and the regular and super tampons when your period is a few days in, and heavier. 

Safety Notice:

Tampons are absorbent, meaning they suck-up liquid very quickly. Please don't use tampons before your period starts. If there's no blood for the tampon to absorb, it will absorb the natural moisture inside your vagina, which is not good for you. 

The water test

Step 1:

Get a drinking glass and fill it up half way with water. Add a few drops of red food colouring into the water, and mix with a teaspoon.

Step 2:

Unwrap a mini, a regular and a super standard tampon (the short tampons in the see-through wrappers).

Step 3:

We'll start with the mini tampon. Once unwrapped, hold the tampon by the string.


Step 4:

While still holding the string, dip just the tip of the tampon in the water and watch the cotton begin to absorb the water, and expand.

Step 5:

Slowly drop the tampon into more of the water and watch as it expands further. This is what happens inside your vagina when you use a tampon.

Step 6:

Let go of the string and drop the tampon into the water so that it's now totally submerged, and watch how it continues to expands.


Step 7:

Now try this with the regular and the super tampons too! You'll see that they absorb more water. This is because they're larger. 

Step 8:

Repeat this as many times as you like. You have several test tampons, so use them all. Once you’re done, squeeze the water out of the tampons and throw them away in the rubbish. Don't flush them down the toilet. 

Colour A Pad Red

Try wearing a pad before you period starts, so you know how it feels. Pads are safe to use when you don't have your period because they sit outside your body, where as tampons are inserted inside your body. 

How to wear a pad?

Unwrap the pad, peal off the outer packaging and place the sticky side inside the crotch of your undies, so the cotton part is on top. Some pads have wings, this is to protect your undies from leakages. Tuck the wings (which are sticky too) under your undies so that the pad sits on top of your knickers and the wings are tucked underneath.

Okay, the colour test. You'll need an empty water bottle and some red food colouring. Follow the steps outlined below...and always have fun Lunatics. 

The colour test

Step 1:

Find an empty water bottle and fill half of it with water. Add some drops of red food colouring, put the top back on and shake it a bit to mix in the colour. We'll use a water bottle for this test so you have more control. 

Step 2:

Unwrap a daytime pad and a night-time pad. The night-time ones are the thicker, longest ones. They're long so that when you lie down to sleep, you won’t leak out the back of your undies. Awesome huh?!

Step 3:

Okay, let's start with a daytime pad. Make sure it’s flat. It has a sticky back, this is used to stick and secure it to your undies. You can stick the pad onto a surface such as a table or the bench for the purpose of this test.


Step 4:

Squeeze some coloured water onto the pad, and watch how the liquid is absorbed. Wait a few moments, and then touch the wet part. The liquid will be almost dry, sort of how a nappy works.

Step 5:

Now try the same test with the night-time pad. The reason night-time pads are thicker and longer than the regular and super daytime pads, is to prevent you from having to change your pad during the night. Sleep away zzz

Step 6:

Pour a bit more liquid onto the night-time pad. Again, watch it expand and then wait a few moments, and have a feel. Break open a dry night-time pad and have a look at what the inside is made of.  


Step 7:

You have a few liners in your pack too. These are used at the beginning or end of your period (much like mini tampons are), when bleeding is light. You'll see that the liners don't hold as much water as the other pads do. 

Step 8:

Once you’ve had a good play, roll the pads up, start at one end – sort of how you roll up a sleeping bag. Then throw the pad away in the rubbish. Don't flush them down the toilet, it will block the drains. 

New Moon

What should I use when I first start?

If you’re unsure of what product to start with that’s okay, and very normal. Most girls are a bit unsure in the beginning. 

Luna recommends starting with pads because they're easy to use. Our New Moon and Phase 1 packs come with a variety of different pad types to use at different stages of your period.

Unfortunately, your period doesn’t stop when you go swimming. So if you want to swim, you’ll need to use a tampon. It's best to start with applicators because they aid insertion. But go at your own pace. It’s your body and you’re always in charge, remember that.


We're here to make this experience positive and fun...yeah fun for ya. We've got your back, and know you've got this too. Email me anytime. There's no such thing as a dumb question, and we love mail (seriously). 

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