Find What Works for You with My NZ First Period Starter Kit

It’s hard to pinpoint down a date when you’ll start your first period, but puberty signs such as pubic hair, growing breasts, breast tenderness and discharge are sure signs Shark Week is on its way. Every girl has a first period story, so ask around and find out how the women in your life started theirs. Sharing stories is great because it will show you how different everybody is, and that when you get your first period it will be a unique experience too.

Feeling in control and confident about your first period is super important because we want you to have a positive first period experience. That’s why Luna’s has this awesome first period starter kit, packed and ready for delivery across NZ – oh and did we mention the packs come with treats, ah yeah!

new moon
phase one


What’s in your tween period starter pack?

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to period products, just have a look at all the different products at the supermarket. But do no stress, Luna is here to make it oh so simple, easy and fun (yeah, I know fun) for ya.

Our first period kits cover a range of products and you get a bit of everything, so when your first period arrives, you’ll be sorted with our packs ready for delivery across New Zealand.

For your first period and first starters, we have two first period starter kits for you to choose from online.

Our New Moon pack contains everything you need to familiarise yourself with Shark Week. It contains pads, standard and applicator tampons and liners, everything you need for TOM (that time of the month) at a one-off price of $20.

Our Phase 1 pack is the perfect first period starter kit and perfect for first starters. This pack only contains pads, daytime pads, overnight pads and liners. Our other period packs – Phase 1 and Phase 3 contain tampons. You can order this pack as a one-off purchase, or buy it on a monthly subscription. The choice is yours!


Make sure you’re prepared with the first period starter kit delivery

Being prepared for your first period is the difference between a positive, I’ve-got-this-in-my-stride experience and oh whattt???! There’s no shortcut to experience but you can learn as much as possible before you start your first period so there aren’t any surprises. Make sure you’re totally prepared with my tween period starter pack, available online. Do you have any burning questions that you’re too embarrassed to ask your parents or your friends?

Don’t stress. We’ve put together some FAQs, and OMG we love mail, so email us anytime, like for reals. You got this babe, there ain’t anything you can’t do xx

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