How do you insert tampons?


How to insert tampons: the beginner's guide 

Firstly, before we begin, there shouldn't be any rush to start using tampons. So, before you start, make sure you're ready and you feel comfortable about using them. 

There are two types of tampons; applicator tampons and standard tampons. Applicator tampons are easier to use because they come in an application device. Luna recommends all beginners start with these tampons.

Please note, only use tampons if you have your period.

This is because tampons are made of materials that are very absorbent, meaning if you use them when you don't have your period, the natural moisture inside your vagina will be absorbed, which you need to ensure your vagina remains healthy.  

Step 1: Ensure you have clean, dry hands

Step 2: Take the wrapper off the tampon and position the head of the tampon at the base of your vagina. Try to relax (easier said than done, we know), but try to relax because if you tense up, you'll tense the muscles in your vagina, making it more difficult to insert

Step 3: Many first timers find it easier to insert tampons standing, or with legs wide apart, or by slightly elevating one leg, this can be achieved by placing a foot on a toilet seat 

Step 4: Gently push the bottom of the applicator upwards, push it until the bottom part of the applicator doesn't move up anymore

Step 5: If a tampon is correctly inserted, you shouldn't be able to feel it. The applicator usually delivers the tampon in high enough so that you can't feel it. If you can feel it, insert your fingers into your vagina and push the tampon further up your vagina (remember to ensure the string remains on the outside, hanging out of your vagina)

Step 6: Wash and dry your hands again

Step 7: Change tampons every 4 to 8 hours. Never leave tampons in for longer 8 hours due to an increased risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)

Step 8: Always use the right size tampon for your flow, use regular tampons on lighter days and supers on your heaviest days. When your period is very light, you can use mini tampons (generally these are only available as standard tampons) or you could use liners. 

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Luna is here to make this experience positive and fun (ya fun) for you. We've got your back, and know you’ve got this too! 

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