Using tampons for the first time


When's the right time to start using tampons?

The right time is when you feel ready. Remember Lunatics, it's your body and you make the rules!

Using tampons has many benefits, but we understand for first time users, and girls starting their periods for the first time that using tampons can be a bit intimidating.

The first thing to decide is whether you actually want to start using them, and there's no rush. Using tampons are really useful if you're active, if you swim, dance, play sport, ride horses etc.

The best tampons to start with are applicator tampons because they do the insertion part for you.

With standard tampons you need to insert them yourself using your fingers, and some girls (even women), don't like doing that. 

We've designed our packs so that you'll receive applicator tampons in Phase 2 before we introduce standard tampons in Phase 3.

We've designed our period packs like this so they're in phase with the stage you're in. 

Here are the top reasons girls start using tampons:

  1. Wanting to swim during their periods

  2. Not liking the feeling of wearing a pad

  3. It's easier in summer when wearing shorts, skirts or dresses

  4. Wearing a tampon / pad combo offers added protection, useful when in class or writing exams

  5. Tampons are cheaper than pads, especially standard 'non applicator' tampons

Do a quick quiz of the above questions. If you answer 'yes' to more than three questions, then you're ready to start using tampons.

There are a few safety items you need to take notice of; never use tampons when you don't have you period - read are tampons safe for teens.

Toxic Shock Syndrom (TSS) is very rare but it's something you need to be mindful of.

You can get TSS from tampons in extremely rare circumstances. To avoid this, you need to change your tampon regularly, so every four to eight hours. Never leave a tampon in longer than eight hours - read tampons vs cups - what to use?

Luna is here to make this experience positive and fun (ya fun) for you. We've got your back, and know you’ve got this too! 

Email us any time, there's no such thing as a dumb question!

Kelly Gregor