Can you stop period pain?

At Luna, we're well acquainted with bad period cramps.

So, girl, we feel your pain.

While most girls experience period pain at some point, some every period (be nice to these people). It should never be so painful that you can't walk or are bedridden for days. If this is the level of pain you're experiencing, please go and see your doctor. 

We've written about what period pain is before, and we have detailed FAQs on periods and a Cycle Guide that's really useful for you to read.

But let's have a chat about how to stop or mitigate the pain Shark Week often brings with it.

The short answer is no, you can't stop period cramps. But there are ways to manage it.

In brief, what causes period pain?

Pain is caused when a chemical called prostaglandins tells your uterus to start contracting (think of a crunching motion) to encourage the lining to shed, to come away as period blood.

When your uterus contracts, the little blood vessels to your lining get squashed and squished, temporarily cutting off the blood and oxygen supply to your uterus...ohhhh no! 

When this happens your body releases different chemicals that trigger pain, but at the same time your body is telling the uterus to keep crunching. What?! We know, it's a bit silly really. 

Okay, okay, just make it stop!

Exercise: We know, who wants to exercise when your feel poorly? But gentle exercise, such as a walk, swimming or going for a bike ride can really help manage period pain and reduce inflammation.

Heat: Heat is your friend when you have period pain, even in summer. Putting a heat pad, wheat pack or hot water bottle on your tummy will help reduce pain, as it helps reduce inflammation (swelling, bloated feeling. Your body's response to pain).

Massage: Gentle, light massage in a circular motion around the lower abdomen (where your uterus is, well below your belly button) can also help reduce pain. This coupled with a hot water bottle and a nice cup of tea, is a sure winner.

Food: Have a read of our blog on what to eat during your period, there are many foods such as ginger, bananas and dark chocolate that can help with inflammation and help reduce period pain...and they're delicious. 

Pain relief: Now, this is an obvious one. But we're not doctors, so if you need anything other than paracetamol, you'll need to visit your GP.

Pain relief works best when taken before cramps get really bad, so if you feel them coming on, take two paracetamol with water.

If you're taking pain relief in between meals, eat a banana or slice of bread before you take the pills to be kind to your stomach.

Luna is here to make this experience positive and fun (ya fun) for you. We've got your back, and know you’ve got this too! 

Email us any time, there's no such thing as a dumb question!

Kelly Gregor