Have a merry green period


Until recently, we didn’t know this, that menstrual cups make perfect Christmas trees.

We were playing around with one, and then voilà, we saw it. And how cute, right?!

There’s been a lot of talk in 2018 about sustainable menstrual products, and a significant move online towards a zero waste period.

Sustainable period accounts on Instagram have popped up like mushrooms.

From cups, to cloth (reusable) pads to biodegradable, organic tampons.

So, why now?

Disposable period products, like nappies, have always been unsustainable, and they have always had plastic bases and components.

This is nothing new. Why has having a “green” period suddenly become the thing du jour?

At Luna, we think it’s two things;

1) It’s trendy to be green, it’s trendy to be anti-plastic and want to (as much as possible) live a zero waste lifestyle

2) We’re only now really understanding the effect such products have on the environment, that coupled with population growth and the massive amount of plastic in our oceans has created a heightened awareness about a global issue.

So, how bad are disposable period products?

We’re not gonna sugar coat this, they’re not great.

But they’re not worse than polystyrene, which is used a lot in supermarkets and also for general packaging.

Or any other plastic such as plastic shampoo bottles or bin liners.

Anything plastic based takes a long time to decompose, like centuries.

And the problem with that is what it comes into contact with during that time - wildlife, waterways, plants etc.

Plastic as it breaks down releases toxins, which we don’t really want in our environment.

Then multiple that by the global population of women using period products every month and you start to understand the problem.

Menstrual cups are great for sustainable periods, because they are reusable, and if looked after, can last years!

Why not try a menstrual cup? If you don’t like it, you can always turn it into a Christmas tree.

Kelly Gregor