What's the right age for period chat?


At Luna, we think the best time to chat periods is before girls head into puberty.

Every girl and women has a first period story, and most of them (even if funny) aren’t very positive.

That’s kinda what makes a good first period story good right? It’s the shared drama we relate to.

Nobody starts a good story saying…well I was super prepared, and knew exactly what to do, so no worries. I had it sorted, under control. Boring. next.

But when it comes to periods, we want boring stories.

We don’t want: “I thought I was dying”, “that my insides were falling out”, “I woke up covered in blood with stained sheets and was to scared to say anything”, “I used bunched toilet paper for days because I was too shy to tell anyone”.

Now these makes for more interesting tales down the line, sure. However, it’s also more traumatic.

Being prepared and understanding why girls get periods is really the key to ensuring your daughter has a positive experience.

She might not have a story to dine out on but it will make the transition into womanhood easier.

The more girls are educated the better, and the more periods can be normalised the better.

There are unlucky stories like girls starting their periods in swimming pools or on the beach or while performing in concerts or plays.

But for most girls, the drama comes from not being prepared, and not fully understanding what’s happening.

The average age girls start menstruating is between 11-12 but many girls start at 10 years, which is quite young to be dealing with adult issues.

Girls are not adequately taught in schools and there isn’t enough discussion on periods, and how to prepare girls for puberty and menstruation in general.

We know the information girls often aren’t told is the length of an average period, that periods are irregular when you first start, that they don’t stop when you’re sleeping, and that tampons need to be changed every 4-8 hours.

This is basic stuff all girls need to know.

Our packs are designed with girls (as in we actually ask them what they want), and with their phases.

Most girls start with pads and work themselves to tampons. What we find useful is to introduce girls to the products before they need to use them.

There are fun experiments you can do with our packs, such as dunking tampons in water and watching them expand - demonstrating the absorbency of the cotton, and man this is a crowd pleaser!

Our first starter kit has a bit of everything to introduce girls to periods and the products they’ll need to manage them.

At Luna, we believe that all girls deserve to have positive period experiences and that periods need to be reclaimed.

That they shouldn’t be shrouded in mystery and taboo.

They’re a normal, healthy part of the female reproductive system and there should be no more drama attached to them. Period.

You with us?

Kelly Gregor