Top period myths busted

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Nine bloody period myths!

We’ve all heard them, myths about periods. Don’t exercise when you have your period, don’t wash your hair, don’t eat bananas? - bananas are actually great for you when menstruating.

Here are our top 9 - we do love a good list.

  1. Tampons can take your virginity away

    Totally false. There's only one way to lose your virginity and that’s by having sex. You can’t lose your virginity from using tampons. It's important to move at your own pace though, so use tampons when you're ready.

  2. Tampons can get lost inside your body

    Absolutely false! Tampons can't get past your cervix, which sits between your vagina and your uterus. It's impossible for a tampon to move through the cervix. Tampons are safe as long as you change them regularly. 

  3. You can't exercise during your period

    No, you can definitely exercise during your period. It can improve your mood as exercise releases endorphins, and can help reduce cramps. But many girls lack energy and feel tired during their periods, and that's okay. 

  4. Periods are gross

    False again, periods are not gross. Your body is amazing. Regular periods are a sign of a healthy body. Period blood is just blood with a bit of tissue, nothing worse than a common nose bleed.

  5. PMS is in your head

    Wrong, erm PMS is real. Hormones are strong, and can make you feel all kinds of terrible. Feeling sad, angry, or teary is sometimes just part of the deal. Eating chocolate and hanging out with people you love will help.

  6. The blood is different

    Nope, it's regular blood from your body. It's made from the same stuff as the rest of your blood. Although some people are squeamish, and don't like the sight of blood, period blood is just blood. 

  7. You need to rest due to the blood lose 

    False, it may seem like you lose a lot of blood, but you don't actually. The average girl loses about a four tablespoons of blood each month (it can seem way more). BTW, having a nap is always a good idea though!

  8. Sharks will eat me if I swim on my period

    False! Poor sharks, they get such a bad rap. Any shark attack is rare, and no shark attack has ever been linked to girls swimming during their periods. So, don't let your period stop you enjoying a day at the beach. 

  9. Your need to use vaginal wipes 

    No!! This is just marketing guff. Your vagina is very sensitive and can get easily irritated. It's self-cleaning, so you don't need to do anything more than shower daily, wash with mild soap, and wear fresh undies. 

Kelly Gregor