Preparing for your first period

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Your first period is one you’ll never forget.

Every girl and woman has a story...however, some are more dramatic than others.

Ask your mum and nan what their story is. If you have an older sister, ask her too.

It’s good to share experiences and hear different stories because it will normalise periods for you.

The best prep you can do is to learn as much as possible about periods before you start.

Have a read of our Anatomy Guide and read our FAQs for girls who haven’t started their periods yet

Have a good read of our other blogs too, which cover a variety of topics such as Tampons vs Pads - what to use?, First period signs for teens and Are tampons safe for teens? 

With periods, we work in averages, which means there's no real normal. What's good for your body is your normal, and that's all that matters. 

Signs to look out for include tender breasts, feeling bloated around the tummy area (a sort of puffiness), vaginal discharge and cramping around the tummy area. 

Most girls start with pads because they're easy to use and also your first few periods are generally light. The first few are also generally irregular, meaning they don't occur monthly.

It's not uncommon for their to be months between periods when you first start. This is just down to your body getting used to this new experience.

Once your body settles into this new routine, you'll get your period every month, or roughly every 28 days. Read more on the menstrual cycle, and what a period is. 

Top tips for preparing for your first period: 

  1. Read heaps, ask questions and be curious. Being prepared will be the difference between a positive, smooth experience and surprises.

  2. It’s best to be introduced to the different products before you start your period. Our New Moon pack contains a variety of different products, and we encourage you to experiment with them before you use them - please read our instructions first, and only use tampons when you have started your period

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  4. Have a look at the monthly subscriptions packs. Once you’ve subscribed, you won't have to worry about reminding your parents to buy you products - plus all our packs come with treats and little gifts. Whoop, whoop!

Luna is here to make this experience positive and fun (ya fun) for you. We've got your back, and know you’ve got this too! 

Email us any time, there's no such thing as a dumb question!

Kelly Gregor