How to get rid of blood stains


How do you stay laundry fresh during your period?

It's a truth universally known that all girls, at some stage will get period blood on their undies, jeans, bedsheets et al.

There is no point fighting this truth, it will happen at some stage, that's just a fact. 

So, what's the best process to get rid of blood stains?

The best way to tackle blood stains is to wash the item before the blood dries. Blood that hasn't been exposed to oxygen for long is red, blood that's been exposed and dried, is a brownish colour. You want to wash blood out when it's still red as it's much easier to get rid of the stain. 

You can still treat blood-stained materials once blood has dried, but the results are much better if you can wash the blood out instead of soaking it out.

Countless women have scrubbed undies clean in bathroom basin with water and simple hand soap. 

However, this isn't always practical, if you're at school or at a friend's house you might have to wait until you get home. It's also worth noting, that many, many pairs of knickers have been lost to periods. Like millions (let's spare a thought for all those undies).

Our recommendation is to wear dark coloured underwear during your period, preferably black, which hides lil accidents much better than light coloured undies.

But if you do happen to be wearing pale pink undies when Shark Week strikes, and you can't wash out the blood straight away, then follow these rules to get stains out pronto.

1. Make a paste by mixing laundry powder and some water and then apply it to the stained area, dabbing it slightly with a cloth. You can also use baking soda to make the paste but we find laundry powder does the trick best

2. There is a school of thought that blood stains need to be soaked in cold water not hot water. Personally, we think this depends how fresh the stain is. 

Fresh stains can easily be washed out with hot water, however old stains should be soaked in cold water overnight (i.e. for a long period of time)

3. Detergent is your friend, repeat detergent...get some good, strong stain-busting detergent such as napisan

4. Once you've made the paste, done the dabbing, soak the items in a cold wash (put the machine on pause) and leave 

5. If the stain still hasn't come out, you might want to consider vinegar, lemon juice or a hydrogen peroxide (bleach) and repeat the wash cycle 

6. If all else fails throw the bloody thing away, life's too short. 

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Kelly Gregor