Your period is your friend

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It might not seem like it sometimes, but your period is your friend.

When you’re feeling grumpy, tired and your tummy hurts, your period is not on your favourites list.

And we get that! Here at Luna, we’ve been having periods a lot longer than our lovely Lunatics. So, we have bucket loads of empathy for girls starting out.

So, why is starting your period a good thing?

It’s a sign of good health and that things are working out as they should do.

Your first period is called menarche, and this doesn’t happen (starting your first period) until all the parts of a girl’s reproductive system have matured and are working together.

All girls should start their periods at some point, and if you haven’t then that’s a sign you need to see you GP.

We often get asked at what age not having your period becomes a problem.

There’s not a one-answer-fits-all because we’re all unique. It’s best to see you doctor who can assess your case based on your specific medical history.

Some girls start as young as nine and some as late as 16. Remember, your normal is what’s normal. But eventually, all girls will start their periods.

Fun fact! Did you know that baby girls are born with all the eggs they’ll ever have. Yeah, so babies already have all the eggs they’ll ever produce, and that they’ll use decades later to get pregnant and have a baby of their own. Amazing huh! Baby girls are also born with ovaries, fallopian tubes and a tiny little uterus. Cute.

Once you have your first period, your body will sync into a rhythm and you’ll get your periods more regularly. Generally, most women’s bodies work to a 28-day cycle, from the end of one period to the start of another.

Getting a regular period, just like starting your first period, is a great indicator that you’re healthy, a good body weight and not under excessive stress. It’s also the universal indicator that you’re not pregnant.

When your body realises that the egg it released for the month didn’t get fertilised, your hormone levels drop and your body tells the lining of your uterus to come away.

You don’t need it because there’s no baby to support. That lining then comes away and out via your vagina as period blood. Every month (from the day to start your period until you go through menopause) your body goes through a 28-day cycle to prepare your body for pregnancy.

So, there you have it! While sometimes highly annoying and painful, periods are a good thing. And it’s an excuse to eat chocolate and manage your self-care, so kinda win-win.

Luna is here to make this experience positive and fun (ya fun) for you. We've got your back, and know you’ve got this too! 

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Kelly Gregor