What causes period pain?

Cramps are the worst!!! I feel your pain, literally and figuratively.

I wish I could make them go away for you, but there isn’t really much you can do to stop them.

The pain is caused by the spasms and the tearing sensation of the lining breaking down. 

Some girls experience cramps more than others, and some girls suffer terribly.

If you feel like the pain you're experiencing is more than you can handle, or more than what your friends are experiencing, it's best to visit your doctor. 

Have a read of our Cycle Guide for more information on periods, we recommend you download Clue - a tracking app that's really useful and will help you track your period, PMS and much more. 

By tracking your period, you'll be able to predict more accurately when it will start, and also when you might experience cramps. 

Sometimes it's hard to know when your period will start. Common signs are tender breasts, skin breakouts, a heaviness around the hips, brownish discharge and, or diarrhoea. 

Some girls experience cramps at the beginning of their period, and some experience cramps a few days before their period begins.

What can I do to relieve period cramps?

Pain relief: 

The trick is to take paracetamol before the cramps really gear up. So, if you feel like they're coming on it's more effective to take pain relief early on than when you're already in pain.

The dull aching feeling it caused by a hormone called prostaglandin, which tells your uterus to spasm (cramp).

This action causes the layers of tissue and blood that are attached to the wall of your uterus (the uterine lining) to breakdown and come away as period blood, and exit your body via your vagina. 


Heat does amazing things to cramps. Hot water bottles, wheat bags and hot baths (mandatory to add bubbles) all help soothe period cramps, and reduce inflammation. 


A hug in a cup, drinking tea makes almost any situation better. If you ever feel nauseous before or during your period try drinking  ginger & lemon tea to settle your tummy.


Get as much rest as possible. Sometimes cramps strike badly at night disrupting your sleep, and having to wake up early and go to school can be challenging. Try to nap as much as possible, and drink plenty of water to keep your fluids up.

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