Changing the convo. Period xx


Are you a first starter?

New Moon

If you haven't had your first period or have just started your period you're probably a New Mooner. There's a lot to get your head around and a lot to learn. That's where we come in. Luna is passionate about ensuring all girls have positive period experiences. Together we can make sure that happens xx


New to periods?

Phase 1

You've had your first period and you're starting to get the hang of what's going on, so chances are you're in Phase 1. Most girls use pads when they first start. But there's no "normal" when it comes to periods, just your normal. There's a lot to learn and understand about this new experience and we're here to unpack it for you xx


Budding pro?

Phase 2

Your perioding like a babe, have mastered the art of tampons but prefer applicators to standard tampons, so you're probably in Phase 2. Tampons can be life changing, especially if you're active and need to know you're sorted when playing sport or dancing.


Boss babe

Phase 3

That's right, you can handle the jandle! Bossing like a babe is what you do. Whether it's using menstrual cups or using standard tampons you know the low of the land. So, there's not much we can teach you or is there...